Markup vs. Margin

For those unfamiliar with accounting terms discussions of markup verses margin may feel a bit daunting. Some people can do math in their head and easily remember numbers.  For those of you new to these terms or if is hard for you to remember what markup is needed to get the margin you need to

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A Vendor by a Different Name

I cover for clients from time to time. Birth, death, injuries and illnesses necessitate a contingency plan for the accounting department. I am that contingency plan for some clients. It is at these times that I see if good database housekeeping is occurring. Namely, names. Did your customer change their company name and the change

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The Trouble with Items

Many QuickBooks users start using the software to create invoices for customers.   The software is also used to track inventory.  Both of these processes use something called Items.  Unfortunately, users that are self trained often go Item crazy.  They use the same process they would use to create invoices or track inventory for EVERYTHING.

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QuickBooks Training in March

Join my Lunch & Learn classes to learn the basics of QuickBooks and how accounting software can help you manage your business. Discover the mishaps, misadventures and mistakes many users make and how you can avoid them. These Lunch & Learn classes are ideal for both new and current QuickBooks users. March 2 Part One:

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