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ABC’s for Non-Profit Board Member

Does your board need a boost to be involved in the Treasurer’s report? Do you hear crickets instead of critical questions when you turn to the financial reports? Take advantage of the board training opportunity to get your board engaged. Presentations can be customized to your non-profit.

Are You Really an LLC?

In the age of “do it yourself” legal documents, many people miss out on the advice they would receive from a lawyer. The letters LLC in your name will not protect you from being personally liable in a lawsuit if you have not been acting like an LLC. Find out what it takes to preserve and protect your LLS status.

Conversation Curve Balls: Understanding the Colors of Communication

Whether it’s working with colleagues and customers or conversing with your housemates, communication can be complex. Let this fun exercise help you see how others see you, and learn what you can do to hit a home run when you meet conversation curve balls.

Conflicting Priorities: Tackling Them Before They Tackle You

Uh-oh: my “to do” list just turned into a book! What can you do to reduce conflicts in your schedule? Time for triage and prioritizing: Learn how to identify your priorities and use them to guide you.

Independent Contractor 411

Self employment—it’s a wonderful thing. We should celebrate that we get to do what we love when we want to. We should also keep in mind the business side of self employment. This session/presentation/talk helps you remember to do bookkeeping, plan for tax time, and become a savvy CEO.

How to Get a Raise: Quantify and Negotiate: A Presentation for Employers and Employees

The topic of compensation can be difficult for both employees and employers. All too often, employees ask for more money and feel shot down; employers can have a hard time communicating a “no” without making excuses, expressing regret, or otherwise bringing in their own emotions. Learn how to handle these situations and avoid permanent damage to workplace relationships.

Meeting Mayhem and Difficult Discussions

What tools do you need to ensure a meeting is productive and finishes on time? What happens when discussions get difficult? Discover tools and processes you can use when working with the humans. Laughter included at no charge.

QuickBooks: Mishaps, Misadventures, and Mistakes

In this four part series, learn the basics of QuickBooks and how accounting software can help you manage your business. Discover the mishaps, misadventures and mistakes many users make and how you can avoid them.

Part One: Initial Set-up & Use: It’s More than a Register

Part Two: Accounts, Accounts, Accounts: When Less is More

Part Three: The Accounting Process: Skipping steps the right way

Part Four: Items & Inventory: Where is the money going?

Women, Math, and Financial Reporting: Do Numbers Freak You Out?

Do you suffer from math anxiety? To succeed in business you must understand your financial position. That means looking at and understanding the numbers. Together we will conquer fears of mathematics and asking “dumb questions” as well as review what financial reports are telling you.