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QuickBooks Fixer

Is it time to call a fixer? Looking for a superhero to save the day? Contact GO! if you discover that your company is experiencing QuickBooks mayhem, database disturbances, or accounting anarchy.

Quickbooks Training

Would you like some one-on-one training specific to your company? Jackie will provide mentoring in a fun atmosphere. Jackie can help with QuickBooks set up, learning the day to day processes that lead to accurate financial reports and reading financial reports.

Accounting Oversight

If you find yourself saying, “My financial reports don’t look right to me” or, “I can’t understand my financial statements” it’s time to add a Controller or Remote-CFO to your accounting team. We are ready to help you bridge the gap between bookkeeper and CPA.

Setting Up QuickBooks

Accounting frameworks differ from industry to industry and company to company and should be set up to answer the right questions so owners can make the best decisions for their company. Avoid frustrations and expensive clean up later by ensuring your books are set up correctly from the start.

Construction Accounting

Are you ready to work with one of the top national advisors for the remodeling and construction industry? Jackie and her team can help from the data entry details to the high level business planning.

Event Speaker

Jackie has presented at national conferences as well been a guest speaker on podcasts and webinars. Is your organization looking for a guest speaker for your next event? With Jackie it is always fun and informative!

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1099 Form Changes for 2020

It’s Alive! The 1099-NEC form has been brought back to life. Just in time for Halloween! “The new Form 1099-NEC—which is actually an old form that hasn’t been in use since 1982—is used to report any compensation given

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Office scams

Top 10 Best Vendor Scams

Top 10 Best Vendor Scams (and how to catch them) The scammers friend is the new hire (and absent owner). This could be the admin, office manager, or even bookkeeper you hired recently. They are

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Condensing QuickBooks Files

To Condense or Not To Condense – Keeping Your QB File Healthy When your QB file gets large it can cause many issues.  The most benign results are the software moving slowly and lag times.

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Small Business

Fighting Entropy – Getting Organized!

In today’s culture people have a lot of stuff. I define stuff as being anything that draws your attention including physical property and commitments to self and others. Balancing work, life, and community involvement, we

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Inspiration & Gratitude in Business

Get Organized! was founded with the guiding principal of mentoring and supporting others to bring more happiness to the world. The main objective of the GO! website was to create an educational resource. This is

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W-9 for 2019

Here is the 2019 W-9 for GO!. Click here for a full size version you can save. We are an Scorp so we should not receive a 1099 form your company. Thank you!

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