Markup vs. Margin

For those unfamiliar with accounting terms discussions of markup verses margin may feel a bit daunting. Some people can do math in their head and easily remember numbers.  For those of you new to these

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iWire Directions for 2018

Oregon changed the iWire website and the rule about when you have to submit 1099s W-2 iWire Filing with QuickBooks “2013 was the first tax year where the Oregon Department of Revenue had the authority

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Jackie Shaw

Independent Contractor Tests

It is very important that you classify workers properly.  The mistake of classifying an employee as an independent contractor can be costly. What is the definition of an Independent Contractor per the IRS? 20FactorTestforIndependentContractors Here

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Employee Change of Status Form

Pay rate change Employment termination Address change Name change GO! Employee Change of Status Please note that to send a writable pdf back to GO! you need to save the document and then send. Please

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Mileage and Travel Reimbursements

You cannot deduct commuting costs so make sure you understand what is considered commuting – See the image furnished by the IRS below. Reimbursements are part of an Accountable Plan which requires: Business Connection: Proof

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