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How to Become a CPA’s Favorite Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers and accounting managers ensure they're doing everything they can to help CPAs during tax time. With a shortage of CPAs in the U.S., it’s becoming more and more important to make sure that bookkeeping clients have solid clean books to turn over to CPAs. Rightfully so, more and more CPAs are turning away clients […]

What Every Micro Business Owner Should Know Before Their Taxes are Done

You will learn: - How to understand the difference between the roles of bookkeeping and tax prep - What your CPA office handles versus what your bookkeeper should take care of - The impact on sending inaccurate financials to your tax preparer - The long-term negative impact on companies who neglect their bookkeeping   Wednesday, […]

The Receipt Revolution with Uncat & Brass Jacks

Embracing the role of record keeper to reduce embezzlement and increase the quality of financial reports Join us for an entertaining and educational conversation about company cultures that encourage embezzlement. Wednesday, December 20, 10 - 11. Free Sign up HERE