In today’s culture people have a lot of stuff. I define stuff as being anything that draws your attention including physical property and commitments to self and others. Balancing work, life, and community involvement, we can find that we no longer own some of our stuff, it owns us. Do you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about a work problem or task? Is there one task that you dread the thought of doing but it must be completed?

Owners of home-based and small businesses need to wear a lot of hats. Much of the work involved you love doing; it is why you started the business. But there may be some administrative duties that need doing but there is no one else to do them. Enter entropy.

Entropy is one of the laws of the universe and no filing system is left out. Over time the energy you put into something is conserved in quantity but not quality. Whether it is the car, the home office, or the schedule, there are times that we say to ourselves “Didn’t I just clean that up?” or “Uhgg, I need to do that again?”

One of the best ways to deal with stuff is to simplify your life. Part of this process is learning to say “No.” This includes saying “No” to others when you are already booked and can’t fit anything more into your schedule. It also includes saying “No” to yourself when you are shopping and something that you don’t need catches your eye.

Another important part of simplifying your life is getting organized. For the small business owner, accounting and other administrative tasks may take up time that you would prefer to spend working with and for your customers. Without effective processes in place to complete these important tasks, you may find yourself in a snowball effect.

Completing the bookkeeping for June becomes completing the bookkeeping for Q2, and then suddenly its tax time again and you are not sure where all your receipts are. Join me in the continued struggle against entropy by becoming a catalyst for quality in your business world. Join the patrol of chaos and clutter control.

It is an affirmation…Get Organized!
You can do it and I can help.